Quick Administrative Note

I took a pic of this penguin “Mario” this last weekend while I was staying at the resort where he lives in Maui. This suited fella is almost 30 years old – older than me!

For a couple years in my high school years, my family and I attended (but were not members) of a church. Shortly after I turned 21, I moved out of my family’s house and ceased attending Beaverton Grace Bible Church. This church and especially its paster (Chuck O’Neal) caused me emotional stress, especially when about a year later, they sued me and others for what they called defamation. They lost their case against me and especially ever since, they seek to discredit me and my reputation. There are blog(s) that exist authored by Chuck O’Neal and his followers that take what I have written since and try to turn it against me, or what other people say about them (most significantly my mother). The blogs read like tabloids in their unprofessional nature and unwillingness to even attempt to get my view. All I want to say here is that I have never been asked or consulted by them. Chuck has not once, even before the lawsuit, reached out to me personally to try to mediate or resolve any differences.

My writings should be taken in the manner in which they are written. My blog posts may not include every single little detail. I, as a writer, decide how I want to write my blog.  Just because I don’t include every single detail doesn’t mean that other factors may have been in play, or that what I did write about is fictional because I didn’t tell the whole and complete story. Honestly, that’s just common writer’s license that most people are aware of. I have publicly requested that Chuck stop writing blog posts and twitter comments about me. If anyone has any questions they want to ask me, either about what I wrote, or about what others (including Chuck) have written I’m more than happy to converse. Just put a comment under this post or email me and I’ll get back to you.

I don’t expect to write any more about what happened 8 years ago. It’s my past and I’m looking forward to my future. I have more important activities and people in my life than people who seem to have a personal vendetta against a girl who once attended their church almost 10 years ago.

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