Full Moon Thai Restaurant (NE Portland)

My boyfriend and I love to try new places, restaurants, etc, so after battling a Thai cuisine craving for a couple days, we checked out Full Moon Thai restaurant in NE Portland off of Broadway. It’s a place I drive by almost every day and we have frequently mentioned that we wanted to check it out. I was raised with Thai food thanks to my father’s Asian childhood, and so, I am fond of the fresh, clean flavors Thai meals embrace. This place did not disappoint. I liked the Spring Roll appetizer – super hot – fresh out of the oil, and the accompanying sauce was really delish. I tried the Pad Fresh Ginger with Chicken for my meal and we both agreed that was the best dish of the two we tried. The flavors were intense, fresh, and collaborated well together. I can’t wait to try the Tom Kha soup  – it’s a go to for me when I’m not feeling quite right… We’ll definitely be going back – and the best part – they have delivery and To Go! Something I’ve definitely become more attentive to now that I’m dating a man in the business is service, the service was quite good, checking in on us frequently but not too frequently to make sure everything was to our expectations.

Their website:



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