“They say love …


“They say love is blind. I disagree. Infatuation is blind. Love is all-seeing and accepting. Love is seeing the flaws and blemishes and accepting them. Love is accepting the bad habits and mannerisms, and working around them. Love is recognizing all the fears and insecurities, and knowing your role is to comfort. Love is working through all the challenges and painful times. Infatuation is fragile and will shatter when life is not perfect. Love is strong and it strengthens because it is real.” ~ Author Unknown

In a few short hours I will be leaving with my lover for a trip to Hawaii. It will be the first time that we will have over a week of being together 24/7. I’m really excited for the trip… I know we are going to have an amazing time. We fit together like a glove. We both have our issues and insecurities, but where I’m weak, he’s strong, and when he’s going through something, I’m there for him. He’s been my rock for the last 2 years, and I’ve been his partner through his tough times. Time for a vacation for both of us in paradise! I hope to take lots of pictures and be able to blog about all the tropical things I see and what we do. 🙂

This week….

This was/is kinda a crazy week. Last weekend I wasn’t feeling the greatest physically or emotionally, work seemed drag. I’m part of a group at work that is going through a year-long leadership training class. It’s extremely hard to get into, but I finally racked up enough kudo points with the bosses to be accepted. There were days that being a part of that group is the only reason I showed up at work. Close to the ending of the program, the group gets to try to orchestrate a fundraiser. Let me tell you – trying to figure out a fundraiser, get it through the myriad of approvals for the twenty things you thought wouldn’t need to be thought of twice, much less a written proposal that has to be approved by someone 4 ranks up, is not an easy task. Add in then around the 7-8 other people that you have to get agree on the ideas and how to get it going… well, let’s just say that I adopted the position of event coordinator. I have enjoyed it, but it hasn’t been easy. The reason? An 8-day vacation I’ll be taking in Hawaii next week. 🙂 The anticipation has been building for the last 3 months – and for the last half the work day, I wasn’t as nearly productive as I normally was. But at least I feel really good about where I left my team with me being gone all next week. Then my mom decided to spring an impromptu trip into my town to do some shopping – and decided to bring 3 of my brothers. The two nights before we leave for Hawaii I’ll have company… Cluttered house and all, with no food because I haven’t bought any because it will spoil by the time we get back. So of course I told her it was fine for her and everyone else to stay with me. I’m going to be going to get my hair colored tomorrow (have to look good when I meet my boyfriend’s mom for the first time) and the little errands that seem to creep up right before a big trip… and I have my family in town, and my house is barely presentable, but you know what? Who cares! My brothers won’t notice the mess – they are too busy taunting my boyfriend as they race him playing a racing game at their first attempt on an XBox 360. My mom is appreciative because she won’t be paying mega-money booking a hotel, I get family time with my siblings that I see far too infrequently. Plus, since they are in, they attract the attention of my beloved grandparents who also want to see family, so I get to see even more precious family! So they will have to lock up my house when they leave because I’ll be halfway to Hawaii by the time they get up, these memories are priceless. The more I “grow up” the more I realize family is priceless, my work will “work” itself out. Life is meant to be lived, one day at a time, looking ahead, and trying to move ahead, while treasuring your family.

Passionate work

I’ve felt that I’ve been at a crossroads with regards to my employment for at least the last two years. Now I’m a millennialist, I have my bachelor’s degree, and I’ve had a full-time job for 5+ years, at my current job for over 3. But I haven’t gotten anywhere, despite all my efforts. There’s been little “awards” and “achievements” along the way, just enough so I have kept on slogging it out, day in and day out, in the hopes that “one day” I will be seen good enough to be promoted.

However, I’m not happy with that, I’m not a person that likes mediocrity and complacency, and to just “put up” with what I have to do to get through another day, another week, another year at a job that is supposed to be allowing me to challenge me, fulfill me, and require all my passionate energies. I have no idea what I want to be doing, well, I have hunches. I’m a talented, well-liked, intelligent individual with a passion to always be learning and a desire to help people. But what do I want to learn? How do I want to help people? That I don’t know. I’ve been watching quite a few Ted.com videos… they challenge me, inspire me. I am going to make a change. Don’t know what, where, or how. But I want to do it.

From different sources, I keep hearing the same mantra: Find passionate people, learn and ask questions, and find out what makes you “buzzed”. Part of this blog is that I hope it helps me discover who I am, what I can do, and where my passions are. I haven’t really explored that, and I am excited to get started. So – my very few readers that I have, follow along, help me, critique me – but I don’t want to settle for mediocrity. I want to find a job I can feel passionate about. A place where I am excited to go to work every day, my coworkers are excited about their work and the opportunities it provides, and that supports me living the life I want to experience outside of the workplace.

“A grandfather …


“A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart.” – Unknown

I’d like to take this time to write a shout-out to my Grandpa Frost. It’s his birthday today, and I think it’s high-time I tell the world how freaking amazing he is. 🙂 He married into our family when I was a child, but I can’t dream that any other man, blood-relative or not would have taken us all into his heart the way he did and does. The first time I ever met him, my family lived on the opposite side of the country, and he and my Grandma flew to visit us for a week or so. I remember I was so impressed when he recited my full name in the airport when we came to pick them up – nicknames and all (no, I’m not typing it out, ask me in person, and I might tell you it). He immediately endeared himself into my heart (I AM the oldest of the grandchildren, so I think I deserve a bit more of their attention – just sayin’). He’s always had a full beard – perfect for babies to play with. He has strong hands to give wonderful neck massages, he’s a walking encyclopedia – always giving out fascinating little-known trivia facts about practically anything and everything under the sun. Once we moved back into their neck of the woods, I try to take every opportunity I can to spend time with him. We’ve gone on hikes, I’ve gone with them RV-ing, of course done sleepovers, road-trips, and trying out new restaurants. My grandpa has watched me grow, and as I’ve become an adult, I’ve been able to see a different side of him now that we can share more adult activities (nothing like a cold beer together on a hot day) and adult conversations. He was the first person in my family to tell me that he approves of my boyfriend – which means alot to me, and to my boyfriend, who has never really had grandparents or even a decent father-figure in his life. Last month, I had one of the funnest times with my grandpa – We went to an Oktoberfest – just him and I. Both of our partners had to work that day, but going to the Oktoberfest is something that we’ve done as much as we can… and I normally go with my grandparents at least, but that day was the only day I could go, so the night before, I called him up and he was up for the spontaneous trip, so we went! The first time I had ever had one-on-one time with just him. It was such a special, neat, bonding time, just him and I. We ate sausages, drank beer, and people-watched. Didn’t talk about much important, but what was important was spending time together. I will always treasure that memory. Happy Birthday Grandpa! I hope you have many more, and know that you are very, very loved by your oldest granddaughter. 🙂